Field Day Check List

The following is a ‘Field Day Check List’, that can be use to prepare for Field Day.

Note: that it is a reprint from the Two Rivers ARC Spark Gap Newsletter June 2012, volume 6 2012.

Note: that you may reprint this, but please provide credit to the ‘Two Rivers Amateur Radio Club, Inc’, and our web site “”.

Shelter/Operating position

_____ Tent (screen or regular)
_____ Table (no pointed legs)
_____ Lawn chairs (no pointed legs)
_____ Cardboard or rug to put under table and at door
_____ Watch or clock for logging
_____ Small fan
_____ Clipboard for logs and dupe sheets
_____ Pens, pencils and scratch paper (lots of paper)
_____ Light for nighttime, with yellow bug light bulb
_____ Sun tarp
_____ Extra stakes

Radio Equipment

______ Transmitter/Receiver with instruction manuals
______ Radio/Computer interface cable
______ Microphone/key/keyer
______ Headphones (2-operator & logger) with Y adapter
______ Short coax jumper
______ SWR/Power meter
______ Extra fuses
______ Antenna
______ Antenna support/nylon rope (peracord)
______ Antenna tuner
______ Ground rod, clamp and ground wire
______ Multimode controller
______ Soundcard interface
______ Extra coax connectors and adapters
______ Logging computer with power cord


_____ Heavy duty 12v battery or power supply with power cords for radio
_____ Power strips (at least two, surge protected recommended)
_____ Extension cords (14-3 or heavier recommended)

Personal Items

_____ Work gloves
_____ Sleeping bag, pillow, security blanket and/or teddy
_____ Complete change of clothes and toilet articles
_____ Sweater/jacket, rain gear & boots
_____ First aid kit, sun screen & prescriptions
_____ Insect repellent
_____ Sun glasses and hat
_____ Club name tag and jacket
_____ Watch, pen, flashlight and extra batteries
_____ Small cooler with ice to keep in station tent
_____ Snacks for late night


_____ Safety glasses
_____ Cable ties
_____ Wrenches/sockets
_____ Pliers/wire cutters/strippers
_____ Utility knife
_____ Hammer/sledge
_____ Electrical tape
_____ Measuring tape
_____ Duct tape
_____ Field Day Rules packet
_____ Section list
_____ Optional fire extinguisher
_____ Tool box with soldering iron and VOM
_____ Copy of your Amateur Radio License
_____ Notebook (make notes how to do better next year)
_____ Trash can/box/bag