TRARC W3OC General Meeting and Elections September 19, 2023

Election was held to vote in new club officers and committee chairs. The results are as follows for 2023-2024.

President: James Bricker N3JHB
Vice President: Robert Guthrie KB3ST
Treasurer: Michael Kowalcheck KV3L
Secretary: William Powers KB3WP
Activities Director: Bill Hetrick N3LQC
W3OC License Trustee: Eric Chamberlain AB3OO
Trustee: Roger Johnson WI3R (1yr)
Trustee: Merle Shotwell K3HIR (2yr)
Trustee: Del Peterson W3DTP (3yr)
Media Committee: John Moskala K3CRO (new committee)

Hamfest Chairman 2024: John Moskala K3CRO
Family Picnic 2024: William Powers KB3WP
Christmas Party 2023: Bill Powers KB3WP

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