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Two Rivers ARC W3OC Field Day June 24, 2023

The Two Rivers ARC W3OC Field Day Operation has concluded for this year 2023. It was held at our traditional site at the White Oak Park Water Tower Site, located just off of Muse Lane/Carpenters Lane-White Oak PA, on June 24th and 25th. Our Field Day coordinator this year was John Moskala K3CRO. We operated as class 5A, which describes 5 transmitters operating on generator power. There was also support from quite a few club members with both the setup and tear down of the operation. We setup the various tents and shelters on Friday evening (10 helped with that). We had 14 club members, and 10 guests sign the various rosters. We also had an active presence on social media via Facebook, provided by John Moskala K3CRO. It was great seeing and talking to our ARRL WPA Section Manager Joe Shupenis W3BC who visited us on Saturday afternoon. Food and refreshments were provided and prepared by Bill Powers KB3WP and his staff consisting of Geno Boyd WA3IOU and others.

All stations logged their contacts using the N3FJP Field Day Software. Digital operations used the WSJT-X and JTAlert software. New this year all operating positions used computers connected to a WIFI central network logging system operated by Jim Bricker N3JHB. Also new this year was the use of a QuadPlexer system which allowed several field day stations to use one antenna-a Hustler 4BTV ground mounted vertical. Other field day antennas included a 40 meter and 80 meter inverted vee antennas, and an end fed half wave antenna. Our Field Day scores have been tabulated and sent to the ARRL for publication in QST magazine. There were 8 operators who reported their contacts were:

Mike Telling KC3UNE (281),
Jim Bricker N3JHB (131),
Bill Hetrick N3LQC (110),
Bill Powers KB3WP (91),
Ed Trax WB3LHG (57),
Tim Costello KC3ANX (54)
Chuck Gessner W3ON (53),
Steve Forsthoffer W3SHF (18).

Unfortunately, there were no CW contacts during this tears field day. But we more than made up for the lack of CW contacts by a large increase in digital contacts this year. 597 this year, as compared to 252 last year. Digital contacts count as two points for each contact, the same as CW contacts.

The weather did cooperate as we had mild to warm temperatures, with just a slight rain episode on Saturday. Sunday the weather was great. The staff from White Oak Park Maintenance did a great job getting the grass cut a few days before field day.

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